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Become a Reseller

Our Reseller Program enables you to offer our successful line of Bulk Email Servers, Bullet Proof Dedicated Servers, and Hosting services under your own brand name. The Private Label Reseller Program can dramatically increase your service offerings to customers, and will provide you with instantaneous revenue generators. You charge your customers whatever you want; we stay anonymously in the background.

There are many advantages to joining as a Reseller member:

1.  You will receive price discounts on our already low-priced BP Services as follows:
20% price discount on all BP Hosting plans
10% price discount on Super Bulk Email Servers
10% price discount on Bullet Proof Dedicated Servers

2.  It's free! There are no setup fees or membership fees. All we require is you purchase your first BP service at our regular price, and then you will enjoy the discounted price on your subsequent purchases.

3.  You can sell the service under your own brand name. We will remain 100% invisible to your customers, and we will never contact them directly. They will be buying the service from you, and you will be the only window of contact.

4.  You set your own pricing. Some of our resellers have successfully marked up our service pricing 300% (three times the original price!)

How to Join
Joining our Reseller member is simple. Just contact us, and you will be on your way to providing Bulk Servers and Hosting services to your customers, while you start earning extra revenue for your business.